What Others Say about Kirsten Kaae

I have watched Kirsten Kaae provide loving care for many close personal friends. Kirsten is the epitome of what a hospice nurse should be. She is always professional, yet at the same time so endearingly human and compassionate with her patients and their families. She borders on the miraculous.   I have seen her come into a household where the pain and anxiety levels were ceiling high, and in her calm, assured way let the patient and family know that most of their fears could be overcome; this turnaround was effected before her first visit was over.

Kirsten knows her work, believes in her work. She knows the facts of life and death, but her emphasis, the aura she projects and encourages in others, is life. I credit her with teaching me a higher level of understanding of life than I knew before I witnessed her wise and wonderful treatment of others.

Richard Sale Ph. D., Professor of English, University of North Texas

I am writing in support of Kirsten Kaae’s skills as a presenter and lecturer. I have known Kirsten for at least 20 years, and during this time I have invited her to lecture on hospice care to my undergraduate death and dying class. In each case, she spoke with clarity and compassion, and answered each and every student’s question in an accurate and sincere manner. Despite the seriousness of the topic, she is adept at using humor to help students understand end-of-life issues. She is quite knowledgeable about end-of-life care, having been a hospice nurse for over 20 years.
Kirsten is quite engaging and has a comforting manner about her that puts persons at ease. It is clear that she is a caring professional. I recommend her highly and with no reservation whatsoever. She has my greatest respect as a professional and as a person.

Bert Hayslip Jr., Ph.D. Regents Professor of Psychology, University of North Texas

Kirsten is the reason our family picked Ann's Haven Hospice. My sister Melanie reasoned that our mother deserved the best and Kirsten was the best hospice nurse alive.  The short time Kirsten was with Mother was invaluable and unforgettable.  Thank you for all your expertise and compassion you had for us.  Not to mention the hours you spent answering my many questions and just being my friend.  I learned so much from you and that knowledge carried me through to the end.  You explaining a lot of things to me in a way that I could understand and incorporate into the care of my Mother.  Thank you for all you did to help Mother and myself through a very trying and difficult time.  you are a true saint and an excellent nurse.

Cindy Hardy Bynum, Fort Worth, Texas

Kirsten is a veteran hospice nurse. I have practiced in the field of Family Medicine for nineteen years and have known of Kirsten's work for most of that time.  Many families go into end-of-life care with great fear and insecurity, and Kirsten has always been able to allay the concerns, answer questions, and help caregivers anticipate the needs of patients, often before those specific needs arise.  She is very calming in her demeanor when communicating with patients and families yet is clear, concise, and confident.
Kirsten worked closely with my own family on two occasions. In both instances, she embodies the art of exemplary hospice nursing by meeting us at our level, where ever we were at that time. She worked with family members who were non-medical as well as with my children. She was able to bring us all together on the "same page" for care of our ailing family member. Kirsten takes end-of-life care to the realm of something humane and dignified, loving and supportive rather than fearful and tense.

Timothy McGuire M.D.,  Denton, Texas

Having had the privilege of working with Kirsten for more than five years I have to come to know her as a remarkably talented and diverse professional. She brings a unique knowledge base, remarkable practice skills and unparalleled compassion for those she is working with.

Kirsten is one of those rare people who have an extremely wide array of abilities and knowledge as well as licensure to practice in both nursing and counseling.  She is often sought out for her insights, assessments and opinions  by physicians, nurses and counselors as well as those in academics at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Molly Harrison, LCSW, Board Approved Supervisor, Bereavement Coordinator